Projects and Initiatives

Lake Michigan Watershed Academy participants have completed several projects related regional planning within the Lake Michigan Basin.

Small Grant Case Studies

The Lake Michigan Watershed Academy provides Regional Planning Organizations with the opportunity to share their work, experience, and ideas on regional issues of importanc…Read More

Member Projects

Watershed Academy participants work on a number of projects.

Mr. Rand Bowman

Development of land use regulations to minmize imperviousness; Reduction … Read More

Ms. Marcy Colclough

Developing master plan and zoning ordinance language for watershed manageme… Read More

Ms. Kathy Evans

The restoration of coastal habitats, the cleanup of legacy pollution and th… Read More

Mr. Michael Hahn

A recent update to the regional water quality management plan for the great… Read More

Ms. Kathy Luther

As the regional planning commission we are engaged in a comprehensive regio… Read More

Ms. Patty O'Donnell

Facilitate and coordinate three Michigan designated Heritage Route Committe… Read More

Ms. Angela Pierce

- Mapping environmental corridors and provide outreach on the benefits of p… Read More

Mr. Todd Verboomen

East Central is in the process of completing (phase I) of a groundwater rec… Read More